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PPC has a focused practice area for web design and usability as part of our broader Knowledge Management capabilities. PPC has a long history of delivering and improving web user experiences for some of the largest Government Agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Web Design & Usability

Organizations can deploy the most robust Intranets, Extranets, and .com sites but a negative user experience translates directly to a negative ROI.

PPC believes that Web design and usability is less about elaborate site visuals and more about solid site navigation and the ability to find relative content.  Our solutions leverage our extensive Taxonomy capabilities and search optimization focus.  By combining PPC's taxonomy expertise with our broader technical expertise we are uniquely capable of delivering solid web design and usability experiences.

Our approach is to focus on the end user needs and experience and then reverse engineer a solution to meet those needs.  We will work in collaboration with your key stakeholders, project staff, and end users to determine the best approach for your organization’s needs.  The end result is a web experience that drives user satisfaction and adoption.  This method ensures that your engagement with PPC will ultimately drive ROI for your organization.

Associated Capabilities

  • Metadata Tagging
  • Content Assessment/Inventory
  • Search Engine Assessment
  • Technical Reviews
  • Requirement Workshops
  • Ongoing Maintenance
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