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PPC is a thought leader in developing Taxonomy and Metadata solutions that classify and organize content within an organization. PPC's expert taxonomy consultants can design and build solutions to improve the findability and relevance of your information.

Taxonomy & Metadata

Taxonomy broadly defined is a controlled vocabulary used to describe, organize, and classify information in order to make it easier to find and use. The goal of business taxonomy is to make your organization’s information easier to manage and to improve the findability of your information.

PPC delivers a full range of taxonomy and metadata consulting services to provide a quick start in designing a taxonomy that is both intuitive for users, and easy to maintain and evolve for the project’s stakeholders. PPC experts work collaboratively with your business users to design and draw out the key requirements and elements necessary to design and implement a comprehensive and usable business taxonomy. The end result is a structure that allows users to both manage and find the information they need with ease, and in a way that is intuitive to them. This method ensures that your taxonomy, coupled with a governance plan, can continue to be improved over time to better serve both your organization and its end users.

A vetted taxonomy also lays the foundation to develop the records management structure elements an organization needs to implement electronic record keeping, security models, metadata standards, and record retention schedules suitable for electronic records.

Associated Capabilities
  • Metadata Tagging
  • Records Management
  • Content Assessments
  • Content Migration
  • Governance Strategy
  • Workshops
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