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Network security is a top priority for our customers, and PPC's support is integral in helping them adapt to new security realities by designing state-of-the-art, specialty hardened, highly-available and high speed network infrastructures.

Network Engineering & Design Consulting

PPC brings proven experience and a dedicated team of trusted advisors to the field of network engineering and design.  Whether it’s the design and implementation of a fast, secure and always-available network infrastructure or operating and maintaining the network fabric, PPC’s approach provides a seamless experience across all project phases.  Our team has the capability and knowledge to deliver a full suite of network services from IPv6 integration to the design of Layer 3 routed networks to the access layer edge.  Plus, our customers have confidence that their sensitive data is being maintained and transferred securely, and that knowledgeable Tier III support is available 24/7.   

PPC also engineers authentication and access control via Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) devices from Cisco, Layer 7 SecureSpan SOA Gateways and Axway Secure Transport Gateway, utilizing VPN designed “site to site” tunnels and clients.  For example, PPC’s support to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been vital in securing highly sensitive patent and Intellectual Property (IP) data, and ensuring the secure, encrypted transfer of financial information and other confidential data. PPC designed and built the TRINet network for the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) to allow PTO to securely connect and share IP information with international partner Patent Offices.

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