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PPC offers expertise in translating organizational data into Business Intelligence. At any stage of the organizational information management, PPC’s modular Enterprise Information Management (EIM) methodology enables our customers to address the complete lifecycle needs of an information management program. PPC works with business units to extract maximum return from investment on a variety of information sources including structured sources (ERP, CRM, Web logs, and data warehouses) as well as unstructured sources (content management, portals, documents and XMLs).

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PPC’s Enterprise Information Management leverages the following pillars of the solution:

  • Adaptive Data Warehousing
  • Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Master Data Management & Data Governance

Adaptive Data Warehousing

Data is considered as one of the most important assets in any organization. However, effectively managing and leveraging it, to drive the business results is still an unfulfilled dream for most.  In a traditional data warehouse environment, it is often required that the business model and analytical requirements be frozen before any technical development takes place. For many organizations today with changing business processes and new business requirements, this poses long term restrictions on leveraging the benefits of the data warehouse initiative.

When planning for a new Business Intelligence infrastructure, organizations should learn from past mistakes. First-generation data warehouses spend many cycles building rigid and complex Business Intelligence solutions that become obsolete even before they go live.  The Business Intelligence platform for any agile organization must be flexible enough to incorporate new requirements without having to undergo a cumbersome re-design and development effort.

PPC's Adaptive Data Warehousing solution eliminates a number of manual efforts in the data warehouse lifecycle thereby enabling rapid delivery of new Business Intelligence functionality to business. This platform enables adapting to changing business needs.

Data Integration

PPC's data integration solutions provide a framework for integrating data from a variety of channels, including legacy applications, operational systems, data warehouses or data marts, external sources, web applications, and web click stream. PPC consultants work with clients to identify the structures, processes, and tools that are needed to make disparate application systems work together to deliver accurate, consistent, and reliable data to the appropriate audiences for timely analysis and decision-making.

Specifically, we offer expertise in:

  • Data quality assessment
  • ETL process design and proof of concept
  • DW Process automation & scheduling
  • Metadata management

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the ability of an organization to take actionable decisions based on trusted information that is available within the organization. BI is a continuous process of planning (what will happen, what do I want to happen), monitoring (what happened, what is happening) and analyzing (why did it happen). PPC also helps customers with developing a strategy for deploying BI on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Our consultants help organizations build business intelligence systems that leverage different styles of BI such as:

  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Ad-hoc Reporting and Analysis
  • Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Master Data Management and Data Governance

Master Data refers to key reference data elements that characterize the business model of any organization. Examples of master data include customers, suppliers, products, organization, charts of accounts etc. Many organizations are struggling with the challenge of having to manage key master data sets in multiple systems (such as ERP, CRM, data warehouse, etc.) and that often results in poor data visibility and data quality issues.

We help companies store and govern critical enterprise master data. With our solution, our clients are able to access master data in real-time as well as historically in a consistent fashion.  They also have in place a governance and stewardship process that assures consistent, de-duplicated data capture and storage of master data.  We offer clients the ability to dynamically synchronize master data, such as customer, product and location across all organizational platforms, enabling concise analysis and forecasting.

Specifically we offer expertise in:

  • Customer data integration
  • Product Information Management
  • Data governance, stewardship and change management
  • Data quality management, cleansing and de-duplication




PPC has played the role of a systems integrator and an end-to-end implementation partner for several of our clients. Most of our projects fall in the category of “soup to nuts” implementation of data warehousing and business intelligence systems. A high-level summary of some of our recent implementations that demonstrate our ability to build data warehouse systems is provided below:

  • A global insurance company awarded PPC a contract for building a global enterprise data warehouse that integrates their Property & Casualty, re-insurance and specialty insurance lines.
  • A US federal agency awarded PPC a multi-year fixed price contract to build a Master Data Management system and self-service portal for streamlining the participant data management. PPC integrated cases and participant data from five silos into a master data repository and provided a governance framework.
  • PPC was awarded a multi-year federal contract for RIAC (Re-engineering of Information Architecture at COOPS). PPC was responsible for modernizing the information architecture by streamlining data integration process and building a data warehouse that store meteorological and water level measurements in a large data warehouse.
  • PPC implemented an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for a major health care provider in a phased manner. PPC worked  to define a roadmap and worked with them to select the right tools to build the data warehouse and business intelligence system.
  • A global bank hired PPC to replace legacy applications with an open system, enterprise-wide data warehouse on the Oracle/UNIX platform. This project involved building an integrated dashboard, scorecard and reporting application using an enterprise data warehouse.
  • PPC is currently managing the Business Intelligence and Enterprise Program for a federal agency. Responsibilities include managing the BI servers and infrastructure, developing reports and dashboards and assist the USMS in developing a long term BI strategy.
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