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PPC’s BudgetFlow PS offers a Performance Based Budgeting Solution that addresses the complete sequence of events in the Budget Execution Cycle, Budget and Performance Integration, and Budget Formulation.

BudgetFlow PS

Overview of PPC's Performance Based Budgeting Solutions

PPC’s BudgetFlow Public Sector (PS) performance budgeting solution is proven technology with 100% implementation success at governments in the US and around the world. BudgetFlow PS is currently managing more than $220 billion in public funding. BudgetFlow PS is a full budgeting life cycle highly-flexible, scalable, and adaptable budget solution based on modern system architecture principles. Our solution was specifically designed for public sector budgeting needs and government-specific workflows and business rules. Its modular design effectively maximizes plug-ins instead of changes to the base code, making it one of the most configurable budget platforms available.

A full life-cycle performance budgeting system, BudgetFlow PS is differentiated from the majority of other COTS budgeting solutions in several key areas, but most notably in its configurability and adaptability. Not only can BudgetFlow PS be tailored during implementation, it also can be extensively configured by system administrators and end users to support new data fields/forms, new steps in the workflow process, new business rules, or new user permissions as the system evolves and expands. With BudgetFlow PS, users are not restricted to packaged business rules – the system is easily adjusted to fit your business rules. Other discriminating features of the BudgetFlow PS solution include:

  • The ability to capture rich text, create tables within rich text fields, copy and paste from Microsoft Word with or without source formatting, embed hyperlinks, insert images, and much more.
  • Perform field-level edits and validation checks that provide user feedback and enforces user-defined business rules.
  • Fully customizable workflow with role-based security.
  • Fully web-based and supports a number of internet browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox, Chrome) including mobile browsers.
  • Single Sign On support through Active Directory or LDAP, also the ability to simultaneously support managing user credentials within BudgetFlow.
  • System-wide, text-based search that can be limited to a date range, a request type, or a work flow step.
  • The ability to interface with external systems using a variety of services, such as FTP, SFTP, web service, and more. These interfaces can be configured to run on a user configurable schedule or real-time.
  • The ability to embed the user interface within other web-based applications.
  • No client-side software downloads or installation required.

For reporting and analysis, PPC’s BudgetFlow PS provides web-based dashboards. Information captured through Operating Budget Development, Capital Budget Development, Budget Execution and Six Year Plans can be immediately available for private and public consumption, removing lag time between a state agency emailing a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet to a budgeting analyst and having them perform manual data entry of that information into a database.

PPC was recognized by a VA Finance official as have delivered a superior and cost-saving product. “The new Performance Budgeting system increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commonwealth’s budgeting processes and the accessibility of budget data and report. The Performance Budgeting Project team met the challenges of an aggressive schedule, sourcing issues, and infrastructure delays in an effort to deliver the system for this year’s budgeting cycle.”


For more than 15 years, PPC has been building budgeting and financial systems and supporting the budgeting process needs of government and commercial clients. We offer extensive experience designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining budgeting solutions for our public sector customers. Our staff understand the budget process and the role that tools and systems play in government budget formulation and execution.

  • Extensive experience building budgeting and financial system and supporting the budget process needs of government and commercial clients.
  • PPC’s BudgetFlow PS (Public Sector) solution was designed specifically for government budget processes.
  • PPC’s Agile SkyDev development methodology is more collaborative than traditional approaches and achieves usable functionality earlier in the project life cycle.
  • PPC is the optimal size company to put the resources required to achieve success for our customers without getting lost among hundreds of projects.
  • PPC’s staff and team are subject matter experts in developing, integrating, and implementing public sector budgeting systems.
“DMAS has had a great experience working with PPC over the last 2 years. Their Agile delivery approach was adaptable to our needs and responsive to our requests. We’ve been challenged in ways unimaginable and the greatest compliment is working each day in our new budget & reporting system increasing efficiency and productivity that now represents one universal version of the truth."

Commonwealth of Virginia client

We offer a broad, diverse experience in the public sector with designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining robust cloud-hosted solutions for mission-critical systems. Our BudgetFlow PS solution’s adaptable nature, ease of use, extreme flexibility, and ability to rapidly prototype new features, coupled with our strong program management and Agile SkyDev implementation approaches, all lead to an industry-leading track record of zero failed implementations.


Commonwealth of Virginia’s Performance Budgeting System

In 2009, the Commonwealth of Virginia (COVA) Department of Planning and Budgeting (DPB) chose PPC’s BudgetFlow PS solution to create a Performance Budgeting System (PBS).

Client Challenges: Like many government budget offices, COVA used a variety of systems, databases, spreadsheets, and documents to support its budgeting process. These disparate systems lacked integration, resulting in a significant amount of time and effort spent double-checking and verifying data to make sure it was “in balance.”

PPC Solution: PPC’s web-based solution, BudgetFlow PS, provided an integrated, web-based system to streamline COVA’s budgeting functionality and provide modernized features to support its Strategic Planning, Operating Budget Development, Capital Budget Development, and Budget Execution processes. PPC implemented the solution using industry best practices and our Agile SkyDev methodology that provided testable functionality to COVA users earlier in the process and allowed for immediate adjustments in the design process to best accommodate client feedback. The COVA PBS currently manages $50 Billion in state budgeting funds annually.

Results: PPC’s Performance Budgeting System solution replaced COVA’s disparate systems, made its budgeting process more efficient, and enabled constituents to have greater visibility into the Commonwealth’s budget through online interactive budget views. PPC was able to shorten by 2 weeks the biennial Operating Budget process which includes Base Budget (appropriations), Base Budget Adjustments (DPB adjustments to appropriations), Technical Adjustments and Decision Packages (agency-requested funding adjustments), and Budget Savings (budget reductions). BudgetFlow PS was also able to realize additional time savings in Capital Budget and Six-Year Plan development.

PPC’s Commonwealth client won the 2014 Excellence in VA Government Award for Innovation in Government, recognized for “innovative reforms that have resulted in increased efficiency, effectiveness, or other improvements that affect how a government entity performs, in support of, or in delivery of service to, its constituents.”

Introduction to Performance Budgeting Suite

How PPC has taken the challenge of creating a state-level Performance Budgeting solution for the Commonwealth of Virginia



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