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Working with a with a global insurance brokerage, PPC developed a solution to automate the firm’s policy renewal process. The foundation of the solution was an enterprise-scale BPM engine, capable of deploying future process automation solutions to address multiple challenges.

Insurance Solution Accelerators:Using BPM to Automate Insurance Policy Renewals

The insurance industry, long viewed as a laggard in the use of technology, is beginning to use innovative approaches to automate key operational processes that affect customer service and retention. CIOs and senior executives in these firms are turning to a new breed of solution accelerators that combine out-of-the-box functionality provided by business process management (BPM) tools with pre-developed templates. This approach has empowered forward-thinking insurers with the ability to quickly deploy new and improved operational processes, reducing the time and cost associated with policy renewals, increasing profitability and customer centricity.

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