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This is Part 2 of a 3-part white paper series on usability. Part 1 focuses on usability from the perspective of employee impact, Part 2 on customer impact, and Part 3 on where the two meet. Each of these define clear usability pictures/issues that can expand how people see the need to invest in usability.

Usability for Customers

Every product you create for your customers should be user-centric – it should consider the user base demographics (such as age and degree of technology savvy), how the product will be used, where it will be used, and any other significant variables that could impact the successful use of your product.

Many companies invest in what they consider user-centric design or usability efforts by changing the appearance of a product; a new color scheme or layout is often considered enough to whitewash the underlying functionality sins. However, truly investing in designing for your customers will translate into improved customer satisfaction, fewer product returns, fewer customer contacts to customer service and/ or technical support, and could lead to increased product adoption.

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