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This paper categorizes software systems that support different knowledge management activities based on their capabilities and functionality.

Software Systems Support for Knowledge Management

Human capital is the main asset of many companies, whose knowledge has to be preserved and leveraged from individual to the company level, allowing continual learning and improvement. Knowledge management has various components and aspects such as socio-cultural, organizational, and technological. In this paper we address the technological aspect; more precisely we survey available software systems that support different knowledge management activities. We categorize these tools into classes, based on their capabilities and functionality and show what tasks and knowledge processing operations they support. In this paper we characterize and classify software systems and technology that support KM using two models, 1) knowledge characteristics (the knowledge sharing model) and 2) the evolution of knowledge (the knowledge life cycle model). In addition, we build an architecture in which we relate the KM software systems to each other.

The paper speaks to organizations that want to implement KM by facilitating their decisions regarding what systems to buy or implement. This paper also helps system developers and vendors to form a picture of the market, its potential gaps and opportunities. And, finally, this paper aids researchers to identify trends and future work in the KM domain.

More information is available in PDF.

This article was first published in Journal of Knowledge Mangement (JKM), DOI: 10.1108/13673270310505449, Volume: 7 Number: 5 Page: 137-150, 2003.


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