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This volume is a worthwhile investment for anyone involved in process improvement. It is not a book that you pick up, read from cover to cover, and then put on a shelf to gather dust.

Book review: "CMMI: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement"

In my previous career as a librarian, I used book reviews to make purchasing decisions. However, I was wary of dictionary and reference book reviews because I believed (and still do) that only use by many people over a long time can determine whether a reference book is excellent, leaves gaps in coverage, has a useful format, and so forth. However, this reference book is an exception. I already know that the content is essential. In this book, authors from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) explain how their organization developed the CMMI model, how they present it, and how to use it; they also provide a case study of an organization preparing for a CMMI implementation. Their claim is that "this book provides a single source for all CMMI model information"; as I describe what is in the book, we will examine that claim.

by Mary Beth Chrissis, Mike Konrad, and Sandy Shrum SEI Series in Software Engineering Addison-Wesley ISBN: 0-321-15496-7 Cover price: US$59.99 663 pages

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