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PPC successfully released Version 2.0 of the Performance Budgeting (PB) system for the Commonwealth of Virginia (COVA). This latest release is a major milestone for the state budgeting system as it included a Strategic Planning module along with additional budgeting system enhancements.

PPC developed Commonwealth of Virginia’s Enterprise-Wide State Performance Budgeting System

With the addition of this module, the PB system will be used for strategic planning and to track performance and administrative measures across Virginia state government agencies. It will also provide the necessary integration between strategic planning and budgeting within the Commonwealth.

The goal of this project was to replace the variety of systems, databases, spreadsheets, and documents that supported strategic planning and budgeting in the Commonwealth. With the completion of Version 2.0, the PB system currently supports COVA’s operating budget development, six-year financial plan, capital budget development, budget execution, strategic planning, and agency spending plans.

Going forward, PPC will continue to enhance and maintain COVA’s centralized PB system, which currently supports a user base of 500 state budget and strategic planning analysts. PPC now has a solution that is ready to integrate with agencies throughout the Commonwealth and is transferrable across the country to all states. The contract with COVA represents the first of what PPC expects will become many opportunities to offer performance budgeting services to the federal, state, and local market.

Introduction to Performance Budgeting Suite

How PPC has taken the challenge of creating a state-level Performance Budgeting solution for the Commonwealth of Virginia


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