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PPC has been awarded a new multiple-award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Acquisition Management and sponsored by EPA Office of Environmental Information's Office of Technology and Planning (OTOP).

PPC awarded EPA's ITS-BISS II Contract Vehicle

What is ITS-BISS II?

ITS-BISS II is EPA’s replacement contract for the current Information Technology Solutions – Business Information Strategic Services (ITS-BISS) Contract. ITS-BISS II will be a Multiple Award Contract awarded and managed by EPA’s Office of Acquisition Management (OAM). EPA’s Office of Technology Operations and Planning (OTOP) within the Office of Environmental Information (OEI) will be the contract’s sponsoring program office. ITS-BISS II will provide small business with multiple opportunities to support EPA’s Information Technology and Information Management (ITIM) Program.

ITS-BISS II (pronounced Its-Biz) will provide EPA with a broad range of information technology and information management (ITIM) technical and professional services with emphasis on integrated program management and compliance support services. These services will provide EPA with support for implementing key federal statutes and policies including the Clinger Cohen Act, Government Performance Results Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, Federal Information Security Management Act, and OMB Circulars. ITS-BISS II also will provide services to support EPA ITIM priorities such as implementing enterprise information tools and services. The contract Statement of Work (SOW) is divided into two functional areas (FAs).

They are:

  • FA 1: Integrated Program Support (IPS) Services, and
  • FA 2: Compliance Support (CS) Services.

The ITS-BISS II contract will be national in scope and will support EPA’s Office of Environmental Information (OEI) as well as EPA’s National Program, Administrative, Regional and Field Offices. The ITS-BISS II Contract will be OEI’s primary source of advice and assistance for ITIM Program and Compliance Support Services. The contract also is intended to fully support the ITIM needs of any program or organization in EPA. Other Federal departments and agencies also may access ITS-BISS II through Interagency Agreements subject to the requirements of the base contract. ITS-BISS II also may provide contract support to EPA’s Technology and Information Security Program.

Integrated Program Support (Functional Area 1)

4.1 Policy

The Clinger Cohen Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, Federal Information Security Management Act, and other Federal ITIM statutes, policies, and executive orders require EPA and other Federal CIOs to establish and implement policies, plans, and controls to ensure the effective management of Federal information technology resources. The contractor shall provide services to support compliance with these and other related statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements.

4.2 Planning

The Paperwork Reduction Act requires federal agencies to develop and maintain a strategic Information Resources Management (IRM) Plan that describes how ITIM activities support the accomplishment of EPA missions. The Clinger-Cohen Act, as implemented in federal policies and directives, requires agencies to develop and implement strategic and tactical ITIM plans. EPA also is seeking contractor support to strengthen its planning function and operations in areas of IT Capacity Planning and Green IT.

4.3 Security

EPA’s information security requirements are growing in response to new information security challenges and the ongoing requirements of federal policies and statutes. EPA is continuing to build and strengthen its information security function and operations in response to these challenges with the goal of ensuring that EPA maintains its high level of compliance and performance. EPA intends to award the majority of Risk and Technical Vulnerability Assessment Support Task Orders under Functional Area 2. However, these security services may be provided under Functional Area 1 when a customer requests them as part of a larger Integrated Program Support Task Order.

4.4 Investment Management Advice, Assistance, and Support

EPA requires support to maintain and mature its investment management functions and operations. The contractor shall provide comprehensive investment planning and management advice and assistance to support EPA’s Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Program. The contractor shall provide similar support to other EPA organizations seeking to develop and maintain an internal investment management capability.

4.5 Enterprise Architecture

EPA requires an implementable Enterprise Architecture (EA) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how EPA business processes and practices support mission goals and manage data necessary to produce the right information for the right people in the right format. EPA’s EA Program facilitates improved EPA operations and performance by providing architectural guidance, tools and training. The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support EPA’s enterprise architecture functions and operations at all levels of the organization and at all layers of the architecture.

4.6 IT Architecture Management and Planning Support

The contractor shall provide advice and assistance to support the planning and management of EPA’s Information Technology Architecture.

4.7 Program Management Support

The contractor shall provide program management and governance support to EPA. EPA requires advice and assistance to ensure oversight and support for ITIM activities at both the enterprise and program office levels. This includes but may not be limited to support for EPA’s key governance structures and entities, including the Quality and Information Council (QIC) and its subcommittees and working groups. The contractor shall provide a comprehensive range of technical and professional services such as strategic consulting, portfolio management support, and other analytical and process support services to improve EPA ITIM governance and program management.

4.8 Organizational Development and Human Capital Management

EPA requires advice and assistance in developing and strengthening its ITIM organizations and human capital management approaches. OEI and OTOP continue to transform existing business models to improve performance, better serve customers, and better lead on government-wide ITIM initiatives. Other EPA organizations are also seeking to transform their ITIM organization and operations in response to these and other business drivers. These transformation requirements reflect one aspect of EPA’s need for organizational development and human capital management services. The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support ITIM organizational development and human capital management at all levels of the organization.

4.9 Customer Relationship Management

The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support EPA’s customer relationship management function and operations at all levels of the organization. This support may include, but not be limited to providing advice and assistance to OEI and other EPA offices to support the planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, and management of ITIM services and support. It may also include performing customer, market, and emerging issues research, including providing timely advice on customer demographics, needs, and preferences, as well as providing research and recommendations on the best techniques for reaching and communicating with these potential customers and stakeholders with data and information.

4.10 Studies, Analyses, and Program Support

The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services in performing studies and analyses, and providing general program support for a broad range of ITIM programs and issues. These analyses may be required to support program management, ITIM operations, program or policy decision making, or other program activities.

4.11 Communication Support

EPA requires communication support to effectively communicate information about its ITIM program, projects, and services to both internal and external parties (e.g., Congress and the public). The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support EPA ITIM communications activities. The contractor shall provide these services and support across EPA and to all levels of ITIM organizations.

4.12 Training and Conference and Meeting Support

The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support EPA’s ITIM training requirements. The range of training that may be provided under this contract may include, but not be limited to, the provision of training to support all functional areas of this SOW. Examples include: policy, EA, CPIC, security, project management tools, communication, and customer service.

4.13 System Definition and Functional Requirements

The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support EPA requirements analyses and system definition projects. This includes the development of requirements analyses, alternatives analyses, feasibility studies, and related studies and audits. It also includes provision of support to determine and document functional program requirements, to recommend alternative solutions and to provide corresponding justifying analyses and rationales for these studies and recommendations.

4.14 Acquisition Support

The federal ITIM acquisition environment has become more diverse and complex. EPA customers seeking ITIM contract services have multiple options for acquiring these services. Understanding these options, and understanding how to best utilize these options (e.g., defining the terms and conditions of service agreements) may require research and analysis. The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support EPA ITIM acquisition activities, including analysis, planning, development, implementation and evaluation support. This support may be provided prior to, during, and following an acquisition.

Compliance Support Services (Functional Area 2)

4.15 Risk Assessments, Exhibit 300s, and Independent Studies

EPA requires support for independent reviews and assessments of the quality, completeness, and compliance of information systems, products, plans and other documents. EPA also requires support services to directly assist customers in complying with ITIM policy and standards. The contractor shall provide a broad range of technical and professional services to support compliance and independent reviews and studies.

This independent review, assessment and compliance support function shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Risk and Technical Vulnerability Assessments
  • Exhibit 300 Business Case Development Services
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) activities and studies, including support for Independent Baseline Reviews (IBRs), where applicable, Management IV&Vs
  • Systems Compliance Reviews, including System Lifecycle, CPIC, and EA Reviews
  • Quality Assurance Reviews, and
  • ITIM Program, Project, Process and Product Reviews.

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