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The PayItGreen Alliance (a coalition of financial services companies) needed real environmental benefits to educate consumers and businesses about the positive impact of choosing electronic payments, bills, and statements.

PayItGreen Alliance

PPC Solution:
PPC evaluated the resource consumption of paper payments, bills, and statements and developed estimates of environmental benefits achieved when consumers and businesses make the switch to electronic transactions. PPC developed marketing messages and an online personal and business banking calculator assist PayItGreen in reaching out to their target audience with scientifically defensible estimates.

Project Details:

• Quantified paper, gasoline, and water consumption associated with paper banking.

• Applied proven GHG protocols to assess the climate impacts of paper banking.

• Developed an interactive online calculator to allow consumers and businesses to calculate their footprint.

Project Results:

• PayItGreen was one of Yahoo’s top 5 stories during the week of release.

 • PPC’s support allowed PayItGreen to deliver a true and effective marketing campaign that directly resulted in a 15% increase in consumer e-bill enrollments.

• PayItGreen reached businesses to calculate their footprint over 40M online users in the first 60 days

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