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Preserving and Maintaining Our History

List of Classified Structures

Of the tens of thousands of historic structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places, nearly 27,000 are the responsibility of the National Park Service (NPS) to preserve and maintain. Until 1998, the NPS had no efficient way to inventory the current condition of all these structures. The information available was only updated annually, vulnerable to loss, often incomplete, and difficult to share.

PPC developed the web-based List of Classified Structures (LCS), an evaluative inventory system that records and tracks the condition of all these structures in a centralized database. With its real-time updating and flexible reporting capabilities, LCS is more than an evaluation tool. It is a decision-making tool that management uses to help maintain all its structures, track costs, and develop budgets.

LCS is based on an easy-to-use and intuitive web interface and tuned to work within NPS's limited bandwidth and connectivity infrastructure. The system does not require dedicated machines--anyone with a browser and authorization can access and use it.

Any conflicting data entered (say, two people inputting data on the same structure at once) is automatically redlined for correction and final approval. And a validation procedure, comprising about 60 items, ensures that all final data is accurate.

With 130 data fields that can be filtered for any field or group of fields, management can generate any type of report needed, including congressional reporting requirements. All data and electronic graphics (e.g., photos, illustrations) can be downloaded with a single click into Microsoft Office applications, with presentation-quality results.

Now, park staff and managers in over 400 geographically dispersed offices and at national headquarters can work off the same page--to obtain a structure's age, its insured value, last roof replacement or interior painting, and other upkeep and repairs needed.

The NPS considers LCS to be one of the most powerful and flexible applications it has ever deployed.

n-Tier web-based architecture using:
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
Microsoft ActiveX™
Microsoft Internet Information Services
Microsoft Windows 2000 server
Software FX's Chart FX™
Application Developed for Internet Explorer > 5.5


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