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Project Performance Corporation (PPC) designed a new Data Center facility and implemented a migration strategy to facilitate the move of nearly 400 servers, twice as many workstations, and nearly as many people to new office space with minimal interruption of service.

A Customer-First Approach to Data Center Migration

When a company expands rapidly, there is a natural tendency for project engineering teams to drive the shape of the network. The result can be a “bolt-on” approach that achieves the functional result of accommodating the project, but does not scale well or preserve other key features of a healthy network, such as redundancy at strategic levels of the topology, separation of function within an infrastructure, naming standards, configuration standards, monitoring, and manageability.

Geographic redundancy had been addressed to a limited extent for their production work, focusing on the ability to control their satellites from another geographic location. Business-critical corporate resources (servers, applications, and storage) did not have any geographic redundancy.

Client resources were challenged with an expanding workload of new projects, as well as maintenance of the existing applications, servers, and network infrastructure. Additionally, they were in a hiring mode to support new contracts.

The client’s decision to move to a new facility provided PPC with an excellent opportunity to address the concerns we had identified in their network infrastructure.

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