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PPC focuses on delivering Knowledge Management and Information Management consulting solutions that connect people with the information they need. We have extensive consulting experience and worked with over 300 organizations to define and implement their Knowledge Management and Information Management strategies.

Knowledge Management Consulting & Information Management Solutions

Our clients include a diverse and global mix of Fortune 500 companies as well as many of our nation’s Federal Agencies.

We offer end-to-end Knowledge Management consulting and Information Management solutions, from initial strategy and road-mapping, to software selection, design, implementation, migration, operations, and system maintenance.  Our proven methodologies are unique for their focus and engagement of the end users throughout the process, ensuring effective change management and user buy-in at every stage of the process.  We also focus on practical and iterative engagements that consistently show tangible process and allow for course corrections where necessary.  Our approach focuses on defining clear return on investment for our customers and demonstrating business value at every turn.

We possess proven expertise in a wide range of Knowledge Management and Information Management disciplines, including taxonomy consulting and metadata design solutions, content and document management, records management, web design and usability, content strategy and migration, data warehouse and business intelligence, training, and change management.  The underlying theme of all of these services is the capture, management, and presentation of information in ways that are most natural and beneficial to end users.  In recognition of our thought leadership in these areas, KMWorld named PPC’s services amongst their trend-setting KM products in 2010 and 2011.   In 2012, KMWorld identified PPC as one of the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.

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Market Areas

  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Budget Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Taxonomy
  • Cloud Migration
  • Content Management
  • Content Migration
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Data Governance
  • Data Management
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Personalization
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Management
  • Document Repositories
  • Drupal
  • eCommerce
  • Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Optimization
  • Energy Policy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Findability
  • Governance
  • Improved Search
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Information Management
  • Knowledge Management
    • Social Media
    • Benchmarking Studies
    • Data Visualization
    • Institutional Memory
  • Life Cycle Assessments
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata Strategy
  • Mobile Applications
  • Open Source
  • Performance Budgeting
  • Performance Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Records Management
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • SharePoint
  • Software Development
  • Sustainable Information Technology
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Systems Development
  • Taxonomy
    • Taxonomy Design
    • Taxonomy Consulting
    • Business Taxonomy
    • Taxonomy Workshops
    • Content Tagging
    • Content Audits
    • Thesaurus Creation
    • Enterprise Taxonomy
    • Content Mapping
    • Taxonomy Maintenance
    • Metadata
    • Gap Analysis
  • Training and Outreach
  • Training Development and Coordination
  • Workshops/Training
  • Transportation Systems
  • Usability Testing
  • Vendor Tool Selection
  • Virtualization
  • Web Design
    • Project Briefings
      • Requirement/Goal Analysis
      • Brand Analysis
      • Platform Analysis
      • Cost of Development Analysis
      • Technology Analysis
      • Compliance Analysis
      • Analytics Requirements
      • Team/Collaboration Requirements
      • Lexicon Building
    • User Interface (UI) Design
      • Requirement/Goal Analysis
      • Analytics Analysis
      • Wireframing
      • Prototyping
      • Graphic Design / Layout
    • Site Architecture
      • Site map development
      • Technology Integration
      • Lexicon/Library Structure
    • User Experience (UX) Mockups
      • Live wireframe mockups
      • A/B testing
    • Open Source Content Management System (CMS)
      • Drupal
      • MODx
      • SilverStripe
      • Others (Expression Engine, Ruby, Wordpress)
    • Commercial CMS
      • Sharepoint 2007, 2010, 2012
      • Alfresco (Enterprise Document Management)
    • Preproduction
      • Project Management
      • Designers/Front-End/Back-End Team Collaboration Briefing
      • Requirements and Workflow Adjustments
      • Lexicon/Library/Resource Check
      • Revision Control (GIT, TFS)
      • Development/Staging/Production/Hosting Server
      • Quality Control
    • Production
      • Front-end Developers
      • Themes
      • Skinning
      • Stylization (CSS)
      • Javascript (Jquery)
      • Code Quality Control
      • Documentation
    • Back-end Developers
      • Project Management
      • ASP, ASP.Net, .Net, Java, Javascript, PHP, ColdFusion
      • SQL, Database
    • Quality Control Testing
      • Goal/Requirements Testing and Assurance
      • Milestones/Alpha/Beta builds and Test
      • Compliance Testing (508)
      • Review Documentation
    • Deliverables
      • Documentation
      • Transferring of Data/Code/Assets
    • Post Production
      • Training
      • Analytics
      • AB Testing
      • Lesson's Learned Review

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