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PPC delivers sustainable solutions that optimize energy resources, mitigate environmental challenges, protect our environment, and drive organizational effectiveness for our clients.

Energy Management & Environmental Sustainability

Energy management and environmental sustainability services are focused on your mission objectives and business goals. We focus on delivering measurable results that improve your organizations green footprint through effective energy management and sustainability policies, analysis, and management, to deliver substantive returns on investment through innovative technologies and services. Our goal is to provide you with a nexus for integrating energy management and environmental sustainability with your organizational goals to deliver you results that matter. We call this EMneXus, a suite of energy and environmental services ranging from training to comprehensive energy and environmental management solutions.

EMneXus is built upon a diverse team of technical experts, program and project management specialists, and information technology professionals. Our solutions provide integrated, business-oriented approach to energy management and environmental sustainability. Our experts provide not only a vision for continual improvement, but detailed expertise for any immediate needs.

PPC has proudly provided energy management and environmental expertise for over twenty years, and we through EMneXus we will continue to provide our clients with innovative technologies and best practices for your energy management and environmental sustainability needs.

  • Developing customized information technology tools built entirely from customer specifications or based upon an out-of-the-box application. Many times this development may replace outdated manual data manipulation as a way to streamline client costs. Many tools have been built to target a certain energy market or engineering audience, spreading awareness and access to energy management calculators and processes particularly in the industrial sector. Examples of customized tools developed by PPC include: DOE Energy Performance Indicator, AMO Energy Resources Center, the Better Plants Annual Reporting Module (password protected), DOE eGuide for ISO 50001
  • Assisting organizations to become more environmentally sustainable, reduce costs, and improve brand value by:
    • Tracking their environmental impact, including their carbon footprint
    • Developing strategies and projects to make their products, services, and operations more sustainable

    Example project: Energy Management Consulting for an international engine manufacturer
  • Identifying, prioritizing, and implementing energy reduction strategies in the industrial, commercial, and federal sector. Example project: Energy Assessments for 5 aerospace manufacturing facilities
  • Guiding both commercial and government clients through strategic consulting services to plan, develop, implement, and comply with environmental regulations and policies. Example projects: Hudson Riverkeeper ARCO PCB Cost Review, DOJ Tar Creek Environmental Enforcement Cost Allocation, GSA International Standards of Accounting and Reporting - Sustainable Procurement
  • Providing clients with technological, policy, and regulatory expertise in climate, water, air, energy, and management. Example projects: Program Management Support for the Better Plants Program, Program Support for the Superior Energy Performance Program, Management of the DOE AMO Software Suite
  • Building upon 20+ years of experience in the analysis of environmental compliance and energy efficiency to bring each client an optimized and environmentally-sound plan, methodology, or executed product.
  • Developing and implementing innovative outreach programs to help stakeholders use and understand environmental data, and communicate complex information to a wide variety of audiences and across multiple platforms.
  • Supporting the IT systems and solutions that government agencies use to collect and communicate environmental information, and connecting agencies and stakeholders with the data they need to make better environmental decisions.
  • Conducting rapid, cost-effective environmental database searches to identify potential environmental issues on a subject property or in surrounding areas. Our comprehensive reports enable clients to make informed decisions while balancing regulatory requirements and scientific knowledge to ensure that environmental risk is appropriately identified and effectively managed.
  • Communications and outreach to support existing or emerging energy and environmental programs.
  • PPC, a green certified company, understand the value of environmental friendly business initiatives; from offering Energy Star Efficient products, to turnkey integrated Energy Technology Solutions.

    October 5, 2009 - President Obama released Executive Order 13514 for Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance which reinforces the commitment on Energy Efficiency for the United States of America.

    PPC works closely with the leading IT vendors to provide green-focused product choices in hardware and software. The PPC's team constantly looks for space-saving and cost-saving opportunities to complement the energy-efficient products and services we provide. Our ISO 20000 (ITIL) Certification is tailored to energy efficiency and green IT Solutions.
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